Constitution and Bylaws

Article I
This organization shall be known as the Transylvania Women's Club.
Article II

The object of this club shall be:

1. To advance student welfare in the University.
2. To further the interests of the University.
3. To promote social life among the members.
Article III

Those eligible for membership in this club shall be the wives of the faculty members and of the officials of the University, the women faculty, the women officials of the University, and the women having positions in the offices and dormitories. Eligibility is also extended to retired women members of the staff or faculty, alumnae and friends.

Article IV
Section 1. The officers shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
Section 2. The officers of the club shall decide what committees are advisable and organize same.
Section 3. The officers, together with a representative from each of the standing committees, shall constitute the Executive
                 Board. The Board shall appoint a nominating committee at the first meeting in the fall.
Section 4. The Executive Board may authorize spending of reasonable sums of money for welfare, hospitality purposes or
                 honorarium for speakers

Section 5. A monetary memorial will be sent to the Transylvania Women's Club Scholarship Fund at Transylvania University
                 on the death of a Transylvania Women's Club member.

Article V
Election of Officers

Section 1. The election of officers shall be held at the spring meeting.

Section 2. New officers shall assume their duties on June 15 of the year elected.

Article VI

The regular meetings of the club will be determined by the Executive Board.

Article VII

There shall be annual membership dues payable in June in the amount of $20.00. There shall be annual membership dues payable in June for graduates of the last ten years in the amount of $10.

Article VIII

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at a regularly scheduled meeting, provided first reading has been given at a previous meeting.