Past Speakers


Mrs. Charles Norton - "A Visit to England"

Dr. Henry Noble Sherwood, President of Georgetown College - "An Historical Discussion"

Dr. Myron T. Hopper - "It Beats the Dutch"

Dr. Carl H. Fortune - "Health"

Mrs. Preston Johnston - "Book Review"


Mrs. Raymond F. McLain - "Education in Mexico"

Anne Worthington Callihan - "Old Silver"

Dr. J. H. Durpe - "Reflections on Contemporary World Politics"

Mr. John F. Day, Jr. - "Kentucky Hills Today"

Mrs. George Edwin Smith - "A Book Review and Special Music"


Mrs. Dena Shelby Diehl - "The Golden Rule Foundation"

Mrs. Raymond F. McLain - "Book Review"

Mrs. Albert Server - "Guatemala"


Dr. C. H. Plopper - "Past, Present, and Future Education in China"

Mr. Clay Lancaster - "McMurtrie and Kentucky Architecture"

Mrs.  Herndon Wagers - "Jefferson Davis"

Mr. Burton Milward - "Book Review"


Mrs. Frank L. McVey - "Venezuela, Our Nearest South American Neighbor"

Dr. Scott Hall - "Book Review"

Miss Sallie Elkin - "Rational Decoration"

Mrs. Sarah V. Dugan, Director, Kentucky Bureau of Foods, Drugs and Hotels - "Food in the Transmission of Disease"


Dr. C. L. Plopper - "Bits of Chop Suey"

Dr. L. A. Brown - "Post War Education"

Mrs. Preston Johnston - "Book Review"

Mrs. Farra VanMeter - "Manchester Street Library"


Mr. Victor Hammer - "Art"

Dr. Edwin Marx - "China"

Mrs. Raymond McLain - "Folk Songs and Dances"


Mr. William Jansen - "Experience in Collecting Tall Tales"

Mrs. Owen Lee - "Aspects of Southwest Literature"

Mr. Joseph C. Graves - "Exhibit of Prints" at the Public Library


Dr. B. N. Pittenger - "African Safari"

Dr. Edwin Alderson - "On Living in France Today"

Dr. Edwin Marx, Miss Annie An, Miss Ruth Chung, Mr. Elliott Chung - "Korea and America"


Miss Frances Jennings - "American Students as Ambassadors to Europe"


Dr. C. T. Sharpton - "Aims of Education"


Miss Roemol Henry '34 - "Rare Books"


Shirley Chisholm, First black woman elected to Congress - "the Future of Women and Work in America"


Barbara Magnum, Professor of Drama - "Everything You Wanted to Know About Drama"


Jim Redmann, Lexington/Fayette Urban County Government - "McConnell Springs"


Martha Howard Fawbush '57 - "Be the Best You Can Be"

Marcia Griest Farris '69, UK Arboretum Director - "UK Arboretum Showcase"


Neil Kingery, Vice President, Better Business Bureau - "Scams"

Tim Soulis, Theater Director, Transylvania University - "Tour of the Lucille Little Theater"


Steve Sawyer, Religions Artist - "Religious Art Showcase"


Nancy Jones Ball '58 and Edward E. Ball, Jr. '57, Global Missionaries - "Missionary Work in Africa"

Brian Austin, Director of Athletics, Transylvania University - "Athletics at Transylvania"


Carla Smith-Moorman '91, TWC historian - "The History of the TWC"


Kathleen Egner, Assistant Professor of Education, Transylvania University - "Women in Education"

Olesja Lukjanova '04 and Aloka Mukherjee - "Women's Issues in Other Countries"


Marcia Griest Farris '69, UK Arboretum Director - "UK Arboretum Showcase"

Elizabeth Moody Wagner '37, former WWII aviator - "Women in Aviation"


Bettie L. Kerr '77, Director, LFUCG Historic Preservation - "Lexington/Fayette County History and Historical Buildings"


Vincent S. Bingham ‘98, Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs, Transylvania University

Martha Ojeda, Associate Professor of Spanish, Transylvania University


Paul H. Jones, Professor of Religion, Transylvania University, and Mark V. Blankenship ‘81, Director of Development, Transylvania University

Virginia Marsh Bell '44, Program Consultant, Lexington/Blue Grass Alzheimer's Association


Georgia Green Stamper ‘67, author

Natasa Pajic ‘96, Director of Alumni Programs, Transylvania University


Karen Anderson, Coordinator of Community Service and Civic Engagement, Transylvania University - "Alternative Spring Break"

Eva Csuhai, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Transylvania University - "Transylvania's Community Garden"


Valarie Honeycutt Spears '83, Lexington Herald-Leader Staff Writer

Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader Staff Writer


Brian D. Lane, Head Coach of Men's Basketball and Men's Golf, Transylvania University

Melissa A. McEuen, Professor of History, Transylvania University


Martha M. Billips '78, Professor of English and Associate Dean of the College for First-Year Academic Programs and Advising

Nora Rose Moosnick '86, author of "Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky: Stories of Accommodation and Audacity"


Holly Sheilley, Director of Athletics, Transylvania University

Betty Scrivner Lollis '58: Visiting Historic Chautauqua

Women Faculty Members Panel: Martha M. Billips 78' (Professor of English), Ellen Cox (Associate Professor of Philosophy), Melissa A. McEuen (Professor of History), and Meg Upchurch (Professor of Psychology)


International Students Ajibola Bakare '15 (Nigeria), Scarnie Liu '16 (China), Nanhao "Pound" Chen '18 (China)

Tiffany R. Wheeler '90, Associate Professor of Education, Transylvania University

Shane McKee, Ph.D., Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, Transylvania University


Laura Bryan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the University

Honorable Karen Caldwell, Chief United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky

Michele Sparks, Vice President for Communications and Marketing at Transylvania University


State Representative Leslie Combs ' 81

Tracy Dunn '90, Director of Mentoring Programs at Transylvania University

Georgia Stamper '67, Author

James H. Frazier, III '76, Transylvania University Trustee